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Re: [embed-cdt-dev] Remove CDT features

See quick descriptions of each below and whether I think they may be relevant:

On Fri, 18 Sep 2020 at 10:22, Liviu Ionescu <ilg@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
At the moment, the .embedcdt EPP includes:

      <feature id="org.eclipse.platform"/>

Needed - it is the Eclipse platform
      <feature id="org.eclipse.epp.mpc" installMode="root"/>

Marketplace client - highly recommended.

      <feature id="org.eclipse.justj.openjdk.hotspot.jre.full" installMode="root"/>

the JRE meaning users don't have to obtain it on their own. A huge improvement to the eclipse community and I recommend using if possible.
      <feature id="org.eclipse.cdt" installMode="root"/>

Core of CDT. Keep it :-)
      <feature id="org.eclipse.cdt.autotools" installMode="root"/>

CDT tooling for Autotools projects
      <feature id="" installMode="root"/>

Cross compiler support - Is embed-cdt built on top of these or in parallel.
      <feature id="org.eclipse.cdt.qt" installMode="root"/>

Qt support. I assume necessary by some embedded users as QNX is who spent the time creating and supporting Qt support. However I don't know how wide ranging it is.
      <feature id="org.eclipse.cdt.cmake" installMode="root"/>

CMake build support. Yes keep this in, especially as it is getting much better now.
      <feature id="org.eclipse.cdt.meson" installMode="root"/>

Meson build support. Yes keep it in. Not sure how widely used, but Meson is relatively modern build system.
      <feature id="org.eclipse.cdt.docker.launcher" installMode="root"/>

Build and launch in Docker containers. This means you can have all your tools (GCC, etc) in a docker container, but run Eclipse on Windows. Is anyone using it for that in embedded space? I think they could/should but I have not idea if that works well with the Embed-CDT plug-ins?
      <feature id="org.eclipse.cdt.debug.gdbjtag" installMode="root"/>

Hardware debug support. Is embed-cdt built on top of these or in parallel.
      <feature id="org.eclipse.cdt.debug.standalone" installMode="root"/>

Allow the product to be run as if it was the standalone debugger without requiring a separate install.  See
      <feature id="org.eclipse.cdt.debug.ui.memory" installMode="root"/>

More complete memory views for CDT. Essential for embedded.
      <feature id="org.eclipse.cdt.launch.remote" installMode="root"/>

Remote launch support. Used by both embedded and non-embedded dev flows. e.g. remote thing could be a Rasberry Pi or a Linux server.
      <feature id="org.eclipse.cdt.launch.serial.feature" installMode="root"/>

Serial port launch support. Use by embedded :-) Not sure if this is only the support for using it with launchbar though.
      <feature id="org.eclipse.cdt.testsrunner.feature" installMode="root"/>

CppUnit test support.
      <feature id="org.eclipse.launchbar" installMode="root"/>

The launchbar.
      <feature id="org.eclipse.launchbar.remote" installMode="root"/>

The launchbar extensions for remote launching. 
      <feature id="org.eclipse.egit" installMode="root"/>

Git support in Eclipse (egit)

      <feature id="org.eclipse.linuxtools.cdt.libhover.feature" installMode="root"/>

Libhover supports libc and other library help integration.
      <feature id="org.eclipse.linuxtools.cdt.libhover.devhelp.feature" installMode="root"/>

Libhover supports libc and other library help integration.
      <feature id="org.eclipse.linuxtools.changelog.c" installMode="root"/>

Standard Changelog support. Great if your project uses traditional changelogs (like many GNU projects). 
      <feature id="org.eclipse.linuxtools.gcov" installMode="root"/>

Coverage tool support (gcov) - hopefully essential for most devs :-)
      <feature id="org.eclipse.linuxtools.gprof.feature" installMode="root"/>

Profiling tool support (gprof) - hopefully essential for most devs :-)
      <feature id="org.eclipse.linuxtools.rpm" installMode="root"/>

RPM package creation support. Probably not relevant to embedded devs.
      <feature id="org.eclipse.linuxtools.valgrind" installMode="root"/>

Memory analyser support (Valgrind). 

      <feature id="org.eclipse.mylyn.wikitext_feature" installMode="root"/>

wikitext support is IIRC support for editing *.md and other types of markup. While part of the Mylyn project, not actually Mylyn (the tool that integrates Eclipse with bugzilla and other trackers).

      <feature id="" installMode="root"/>

Terminal - essential
      <feature id="" installMode="root"/>

Terminal support for serial ports - essential

      <feature id="org.eclipse.tracecompass.gdbtrace" installMode="root"/> 
      <feature id="org.eclipse.tracecompass.lttng2.control" installMode="root"/>
      <feature id="org.eclipse.tracecompass.lttng2.kernel" installMode="root"/>
      <feature id="org.eclipse.tracecompass.lttng2.ust" installMode="root"/>

All of tracecompass is great, i.e. profiling on steroids. Definitely heavily used in embedded.

I have no idea what most of these features are, and how many are useful for embedded development.

Let me know if you want more details.

For example what are the linuxtools features? The tracecompass features? Is anyone using mylyn?

Hopefully others can provide answers on which parts they find essential.




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