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Re: [embed-cdt-dev] Bad macOS .dmg content

As I can see from the platform-dev list the notarization exercise may eat significant amount of time without guarantee of success. So, I fully support the postpone of .dmg related effort. As long as Apple does not want to sponsor it :)


28.07.2020 13:07, Liviu Ionescu пишет:
After taking a look at Jonah EPP build scripts, I noticed that .dmg files require an extra notarisation step, which my script did not perform, so the .dmg binaries were not correctly signed.

I'm actually not a big fan of the EPP .dmg solution, since it suggests that is unique and must be installed in the system location /Application. The classical approach is to install all required functionality into this unique Eclipse (C/C++, Java, Python, etc) and use it for all projects. Unfortunately, due to incompatible plug-ins, this is not realistic, and it is better to use separate Eclipses.

But how to install several different Eclipses, which are all called and are expected to reside in the same folder?

In my opinion it is safer to install multiple Eclipses in the user home, not in the system location, and this is how GNU MCU Eclipse recommended to proceed.

So, for the moment, given the difficulties to generate .dmg files, and the different policy regarding the install location, we'll not use .dmg for Embedded CDT, and stick to the tar.gz files, with the recommendation to remove the extended attribute, as it was in the past releases.



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