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[embed-cdt-dev] Plug-ins publish workflow

The current workflow uses manually triggered Jenkins jobs:

- the '' job, based on Jonah code, scans the git repo for updates and builds the latest brach, leaving the result in 'builds/<branch>'

- developers can test their branches by installing from the 'builds/<branch>' folder

- when the code is ready, the master branch must be updated; the script will create 'builds/master'

- the '' job copies from from 'builds/master' to 'updates/neon-test', which is the public address for the pre-release

- users have the chance to test the pre-release for a while

- the script copies from 'updates/neon-test' to 'updates/neon' and 'releases/<version>'

All folders are p2 update sites, but in addition the archive .zip and the sha files are stored there too, since they must reach the releases folder, for archiving purposes.

For reasons that I do not understand, the web interface does not show the .zip and .zip.sha files (actually the p2 site is also shown incomplete).

There is no need to keep a separate archive in the project GitHub Releases.

If you have suggestions to improve things, please let me know.


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