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[embed-cdt-dev] Live Expressions

For Eclipse CDT, I’ve recently had a request from an important customer to support “Live Expressions” for our Arm M4 based silicon devices.   Seems this feature would be useful even for debugging C/C++ programs running on the PC.   On forums/support websites, the feature comes under many names:

  • Live Expressions
  • Live Watch
  • Live Variables
  • Real-time Variables
  • And even  “Live variable watch view”


I found that this type of request shows up many places in the forums and other support websites (see links at the bottom of this email).   One of the questions posted to the Eclipse Forum around Sept 2019 didn’t have a response.  So, I thought I’d inquire of members of this email list before I consider implementing the feature myself.  


It doesn’t appear this feature is available in the latest Eclipse/CDT 2019-12.   I searched many places to see if the feature was available or if a plug-in supported it, but no luck so far.  Does anyone know if this feature has been developed or is under consideration?


A few 3rd party IDEs based on Eclipse are supporting the feature:

Atolic TrueStudio

NXP CodeWarrior

NXP MCUXpresso

TI Code Composer Studio

Apparently also VisualGDB with J-Link debugger supports the feature.


Here are links that provide some details.  The posting about CodeWarrior shows the functionality quite clearly:


Atollic TrueSTUDIO 

NXP MCUXpresso supports live variables in the list of features and includes graphing: 


===== Requests/Inquiries/Discussions about “Live Expressions” feature or similar =====







Potential Feature listed here: 



Steven Magee

Qorvo, Inc.


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