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[embed-cdt-dev] Project migration

Forwarded here from Bugzilla

> --- Comment #50 from Jonah Graham <jonah@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> ---
> There has been a lot of conversation here, so I summarize my responses. Please
> ask again if there is something else needed.
> 1) EPLv2: I will send to mailing list.


> 2) github repo name: If there are multiple (and growing) number of git repos,
> may I suggest we request a top-level org at github instead of eclipse. i.e. the
> same as eclipse-cdt and eclipse-cbi? Then the URL would be (something like):
> *

Good idea!

I don't know how many repos there will be, but if it is possible to have a separate org, that would be a nice options.

> 3) Renaming plug-ins: Liviu, you went through this before with the migration of
> GNU ARM -> GNU MCU. I don't have any idea what it took to do that work, but
> when the project was first proposed I was quite glad you had once done the
> migration already as I knew it would probably be needed again.

During the previous migration I did not touch any existing package names, class names, or internal ids, since this is a no go from a compatibility point of view.

> 4) Renaming ids: Well this is a lot harder because it breaks existing projects
> and extenders in a much more significant way. AFAICT you maintained the
> pre-existing IDs when you did the ARM -> MCU rename a few years ago and new IDs
> have ilg.gnumcueclipse instead. 

Exactly. All existing ids were preserved, and new ids were allocated in the new group.

> *) Note that I would really like to see this published to
> which means it needs to be via
> ssh://committer_id@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:29418/ - I am
> not sure, but I believe this is a requirement.

My understanding is that it is a requirement to commit the html content at that url, and the content will be automatically published to the web server and visible as, which I would also like to use.

The web-jekyll repo contains the editable content of the web site, in markdown, which needs to be processed by jekyll and the html pages be generated.

Jekyll can be executed automatically as a GitHub Action, attached to repo commits. I'm not sure how complicated is to push content to the ssh url from GitHub Actions, but I guess it can be done.

(Now the conversion is performed as a Travis CI task, and the result is pushed on a separate GitHub repo)

> I think it is going to be a
> little complicated, but we can resolve it, as
> contains both items moving to embed-cdt and
> items not moving IIUC.

Right, the existing content will have to be reorganised/rewritten, to keep only the Embedded CDT pages; the xPack related pages are already published on

As theme I plan to use the same theme as for the xPack site, but any suggestions are welcome.



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