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Re: [el-dev] 6.0.0 release update

On 29/02/2024 16:07, Mark Thomas via el-dev wrote:
Hi all,

The proposed 6.0.0 release is staged at:

The PR for the release in the specification project is:

Progress is currently blocked on the TCK release. I'm not clear on how that is going to happen. I'm expecting something staged to the staging repo.

I could stage an EL TCK if the TCK was transferred to our repo but that would need to happen very quickly (i.e. today) as I only have tomorrow available to get that done as I am out all next week.

Thanks to Alwin Joseph who got this fixed very quickly. The TCK has been staged (and updated and re-staged) and I used Tomcat as the compatible implementation.

At this point all is looking good but given I don't do releases that often and it has been a while since the last round of releases I'm expecting that there will be a few snags to be fixed along the way but fundamentally in terms of having made the changes we wanted to make and having a working implementation for 6.0.0 I think we are there.


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