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[egit-dev] Egit and API

I'm an italian student of University of Bari, and with my thesis I want create a plugin that implement social awareness on team that use Egit.

The work go on and now i want create a timeline that follow this scenario:
"Paul is a member of team that develop an application using Eclipse with Egit plugin and SocialPlugin.
He open a file that
has been modified previously by your friend John. When open a file he find the wrong code.
With the timeline on SocialPlugin he send a post on John (that is your friend on Facebook) and ask him questions about the wrong code"

For fix the scenario the SocialPlugin should communicate with Egit ( with API ) for information about:
1. Who is the last user of team that have modify the file that Paul opened.
2. The information about the repository 
that houses the file

Are there something on Egit plugin that can help me?
I waiting for an answer.
Thanks for your time and for all tutorial.
Have a nice day.