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Re: [egit-dev] Problem building EGit

2011/7/21 Rob Pacheco <rob.pacheco@xxxxxxxxx>
I've found the solution to this issue.  The version of the bundle org.eclipse.core.variables was added as a minimum of 3.2.400.  The version in Galileo is 3.2.200.  This seems to make master only build on Helios and Indigo.  The default for the build (without specifying a platform) seems to be Galileo.  To avoid this failure you'd need to specify -P platform-helios or -P platform-indigo.  

I was wondering if this was intentional and future versions of EGit will only support Helios and higher or if the dependency on version 3.2.400 of org.eclipse.core.variables might need to be lowered to 3.2.200?

in general EGit supports the last 2 Eclipse releases (since Indigo was released these are
Indigo and Helios), but we shouldn't exclude older releases unnecessarily. 

I pushed,3942 for review to fix your problem


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