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Re: [egit-dev] EGit hangs when cloning / attaching the project

On 06.07.2011 19:01, Manuel Doninger wrote:
> Can you upgrade to a newer version of EGit (current release is 1.0.0),
> 0.11.1 is quite old, and there were plenty of bugfixes since then.
> Manuel

Thanks, Manuel. After upgrading the problem is gone.

On 06.07.2011 23:56, Matthias Sohn wrote:
> - are you able to clone the same repository from native git using the
>   same URL?
> - does cloning a local repository work ? 
> - does this affect all protocols or http only ?

Matthias, I am very newbie with Git (I am not sure how to clone the
local repository - I believe I need to create it first). Next time I run
into problems I will go through the steps you've mentioned. I have
noticed that plugin hanged also when re-attaching the project to team
provider (Team -> Share Project...).

Anyway, now everything is fine, thanks for help.

With best regards,

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