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Re: [egit-dev] staged egit-github v1.0.0.201106211955-r

Hi Matthias,

Am 22.06.11 03:38, schrieb Matthias Sohn:
> I staged egit-github version v1.0.0.201106211955-r here:
> Please test installation and let me know if everything is ok.
I was able to install the github connector but once I wanted to import
my task repositories I got an error "api limit for <ip> exceeded". This
was the same with the previous version, so I don't know if this is an
error on my side, or on the github connector.

It seems that while importing too many calls to the github-api might be
made (which probably doesn't affect the people who already imported
their repositories).

If I get past the stage I will happily test further.


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