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[egit-dev] EGit creating ~/git directory

Hi there,

After installing the latest EGit and restarting Eclipse, EGit created a "git"
directory directly in my home directory.

After looking at the commits, I see that this is caused by change I2aee1b05
"Use <user_home>/git as default-default repository path":,3509

I don't think that is the right way to go, and hope that at least some of you
agree. It's bad behavior when applications just create directories without
even asking. Under Windows, $HOME may be in some obscure place which you never
see, but at least under Linux it's quite visible and I don't want applications
putting directories there. I keep my $HOME clean (there are about 10
directories there).

A possible solution might be a dialog (like the one for user name and e-mail)
which is shown on first use, where one can configure the default repository
location. The location would be stored in ~/.gitconfig. This might resolve this
whole situation once and for all.


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