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[egit-dev] note/review now available on

I have upgraded our Gerrit Code Review installation to the latest
master. This is a bleeding edge development version that will
(eventually) become Gerrit 2.2.

Two new important features:

* refs/notes/review:

Upon submitting a change, Gerrit now writes out a "Git note"
describing who submitted the change. You can fetch these with:

  git config --add remote.origin.fetch refs/notes/review:refs/notes/review
  git fetch

And view them with git log using:

  git log --notes=review

I have exported all back history, so all reviewed commits now have
notes associated with them. Please send your kudos/thanks to Sasa
Zivkov of SAP AG for the feature work both in JGit and Gerrit Code
Review that made this possible.

* refs/meta/config:

Each project's configuration and settings are now stored in Git,
rather than MySQL.  During the 2.2 series Gerrit will be migrating
more data from SQL to Git.


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