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Re: [egit-dev] Regression: Committing with multiple repositories

there was a discussion about the topic. It can be found here:

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Subject: [egit-dev] Regression: Committing with multiple repositories

Hi there,

There has been a regression in EGit in that committing does no longer work for
multiple repositories. This has been introduced in commit 2f72414 "Allow
committing non workspace changes".

I quickly read the bug reports about this but couldn't find any discussion
about this part of the change.

Was this really deliberate? Until now I thought the commit dialog was
specifically designed to allow committing for multiple repositories. Can the
above-mentioned change really not be implemented without this regression?

To give some context, we have switched many project of our company to Git.
Because Team Project Set support is not yet included, we build an internal
update site. Now I'm not sure if I should keep rebasing to master because of
this regression, because people _will_ notice it (and then complain to me about

  Robin Stocker
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