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[egit-dev] Vote for Committer status for Kevin Sawicki was started by Chris Aniszczyk

technology.egit Committers,
This automatically generated message signals that Chris Aniszczyk has
nominated Kevin Sawicki as a Committer on the technology.egit project. The
reason given is as follows:

I'm nominating Kevin Sawicki (GitHub) for committership on EGit. He's
contributed a lot to the egit-github effort by supporting the latest Issues
2.0 API and the updated Gist API. In EGit proper, he has 34 commits
and is the main person behind the new commit viewer implementation. In EGit
GitHub, he has 115 commits
evin) attributed to him and continues to drive that project.

egit commits

95fdd31 Register diff foreground and background theme colors
2c09a30 Add form editor with commit and diff pages
c726c6d Add unit tests of CommitSearchQuery class
5247f09 Add editor page class to display commit information
73e5d2f Support extensible hyperlink targets in source viewer
2e4b940 Add commit search query class.
8493577 Add editor page for viewing diffs introduced by a commit
2ef6e56 Add diff viewer that uses theme and editors settings.
efb1c35 Add class to capture commit search results
dd1e200 Add container class for commit search settings
27e3836 Add diff formatter that generates a list of style ranges
bfc867e Add persistence support for commit editor input
c3d63bf Add input class to display commits in an editor
3aeffed Add repository commit class that provides file diffs
4a28945 Add compare with previous revision menu.
58e8c14 Add missing bottom border to clone icon
fc1cc52 Don't show rebase menus if selection is empty.
3fa9329 [sync] Only supervise resources of type FILE.
3b977c2 [sync] Correct enablement of synchronize page finish button.
6882357 [sync] Filter change sets by configuration mode.
cb29c9d [repoView] Use directory name as label for bare repositories
f9aa669 [sync] Remove use of decorating workbench label provider.
28e3686 [sync] Always enable expand all model action
d4f2823 [sync] Remove duplicate toolbar entries.
3acd0cc Update rebase command id used in history view.
0ee4c7f Remove execution listener in finally block
4f6763d Make FileDiff, FileDiffContentProvider, and FileDiffLabelProvider
6213f5c Set layout data on Scale to not grab excess vertical space
aa2db18 Check for trailing newline before writing to .gitignore file.
753e340 [historyView] Use action decorators on top of content-type icons
1cb3f9c [historyView] Set anti-aliasing value to SWT.ON in SWTPlotRenderer
6c30438 Use myObject field during equals comparisons for error nodes
84b5ee2 [historyView] Add content-type icons to History view
8ad2775 [repoView] Add scoped keybindings for copy and paste

The vote is being held via the MyFoundation portal: voters *must* use the
portal for the votes to be properly recorded.  The voting will continue
until either all 14 existing Committers have voted or until they have been
given enough time to vote, even if they do not do so (defined as at least
one week). Kevin Sawicki must receive at least three +1s and no -1s for a
successful election.

Eligible Committers must cast their votes through their My Foundation
portal page (do NOT just reply to this email; your vote will not be
correctly recorded unless you use the portal):

The project Committers eligible to vote are:

    Chris Aniszczyk
    Jens Baumgart
    Christian Halstrick
    Mik Kersten
    Mathias Kinzler
    Stefan Lay
    Dariusz Luksza
    Benjamin Muskalla
    Mykola Nikishov
    Shawn Pearce
    Robin Rosenberg
    Matthias Sohn
    Remy Suen
    Gunnar Wagenknecht

*NOTE*: Successful elections are left open for a maximum of 120 days to
allow for processing of paperwork.  After that time the election will be
expired, regardless of its current status.  Should papework processing on
the part of the candidate take more time than allowed, a new election will
have to be held.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your project
lead, PMC member, or the EMO <emo@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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