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Re: [egit-dev] merge tool workflow

2011/4/13 Bernard Leach <leachbj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I've been playing with that patch from Remy, what's the etiquette for updating someone else's gerrit review?  Can I push my update or create a new one that refers to the original work?  It's still definitely still work in progress but might stir more interest.

As a contributor you can't forge identities as the projects IP log is generated from that information.
Follow the steps Shawn described in [1]. 

You need to amend the change and upload your work to Gerrit as a new change:
- change the commit author to yourself
- generate a new Change-Id (simply remove it when amending the change, the
  commit message hook will generate a new change-id if none is contained)
- maybe you want to also add an Also-by: footer mentioning Remy 

If you want to explicitly refer to Remy's change in the body of the commit message use
the full Gerrit change id, Gerrit will then render a hyperlink for the changeid.


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