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Re: [egit-dev] Enable UI tests for Hudson CI

2011/3/29 Dariusz Luksza <dariusz.luksza@xxxxxxxxx>
I want to stabilize sync-view UI tests. I've already push
a change that should improve its stability but since UI
tests are disabled on Hudson CI job I cannot test does
this patch improve anything.

Can we (for a while) enable UI tests on CI build?

done, UI tests are re-enabled for verification builds for proposed egit

I also retriggered the build on 
and granted build and workspace permissions to egit committers 
so that you can more easily retrigger builds and inspect the build

In order to retrigger a verification build go to 
and logon using your committer account, then select the build you want to retrigger
and click "Retrigger". Clicking "Build" will not work as the gerrit-trigger plugin
needs to know which change is to be built.

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