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Re: [egit-dev] complete repo history

2011/3/12 alvaro sanchez <alvsan09@xxxxxxxxx>

It seems the history view filters commits related to the current
checked out branch,
Is there a way to view the history of the whole repository ?

Click the toggle button "Show all branches" then all commits reachable
from any branch should be visible (marked red in attached screenshot).
if not, shall it be changed to be context sensitive while being
triggered from the selection of the repo vs triggering it from the
selection of a branch ?

If the toggle button "Link with Editor and Selection" is down the history
view follows the current selection, with change [1] the history view will
in addition also scroll to the commit the currently checked out branch
points at. 

The 3 toggle buttons marked in green in the attached screenshot
control how selection of resources affects history filtering. Details are
described in the user guide [2].

Anything else you miss here ?


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