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Re: [egit-dev] No visual feedback on chosen tag

On 2011-02-15 10.08, Thomas Hallgren wrote:
> I have the org.eclipse.egit.core project checked out in my workspace.
> To the right of the project name I see "[egit master]". Since what I
> really want is the 0.11.1 branch, I choose "Team" -> "Reset..." ->
> "Tags" -> "0.11.1". I also check the "Hard" option before I click the
> "Reset" button.
> The content of the project seems to be replaced, but there's no
> visible decoration. How am I supposed to know that I'm now looking at
> the 0.11.1 tag?
You see that in the history view. The labels for HEAD and 0.11.1 will be
found at the same row after the reset.

I think I could accept a patch that adds the tag, like we do for
detached heads. It must be optional, but could be the default option.

-- robin

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