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Re: [egit-dev] Git decorator - current implementation

> expire the cached data to ensure we are showing live information.  It
> might work to just cache the data for 1 second, and discard if its
> older than that, under the assumption that a user will accept a 1
> second lag on decorator status in exchange for a faster decorator.

+1 from me for that.

We (Jens, Phillip and me) have been discussing this topic back and
forth. I like the idea of having a cache of the treewalk results. I found
it difficult to find a good root for the treewalk which feeds the cache.
If you have to decorate resource /d/e/f/X.txt you may fire a treewalk
starting at the parent of the resource (here /d/e/f). But what is if before
the cache expires you receive the request to decorate /d/Y.txt . You
would end up with a cache which has potentially different expiration
dates for different pathes-

For me the easiest is to have a per-project cache and whenever you
have to decorate a resource of project X and don't find any cached data
you start a treewalk starting at the root of project X.



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