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[egit-dev] EGit PDE - help with EGit/JGit


As part of bug 328745 [1] I have a skeletal version of the Map file
release tool.  I'd like to provide the minimum functionality that we
need to update the tag in the map files only for projects that have
changed since the last map tag.  If anyone with JGit or EGit
experience could provide snippets to implement the following
functionality, it would be appreciated.  From the bug:

1) find the git repo for an IProject

2) git tag $BUILD_TAG :tag the repo with the tag

3) git rev-list HEAD -- <project> :to get the last commit that effected that

4) git tag --contains $LAST_COMMIT :to get the list of tags that contain the

5) git log  ${LATEST_SUBMISSION}..${BUILD_TAG} :so I can scan for bug numbers
for the build notes.

[1]  Bug 328745 -  Need an equivalent releng tool for git


Paul Webster
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