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[egit-dev] Sharing new project in outside repository

Sorry, here is the correct subject line.


I have my repository in [1] c:\myrepositories\repos1\.git and my new project in [2] c:\myworkspace\gravity\newproject.
I cannot share this project into my repository because the SharingWizard only enables creation of a repository and does not accept an existing one, specifically [1]. 

I have made some patches in the UI to enable this but before I continue, I want to make sure that what I want to do is valid. 

I think it is because if I create a repository first at the location [1] by cloning from a remote then I am able to get the projects from that repository in [2] so it seems perfectly valid to me.

Attached you find a proposed changed UI for sharing a new project in an existing "outside repository".

Best regards,


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