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Re: [egit-dev] UI Tests again

2010/5/26 Robin Rosenberg <robin.rosenberg@xxxxxxxxxx>

Maven is a liar. The hudson build logs says the tests are run.

I don't the UI (SWTBot) tests are run for the following reasons.

1) According to maven the UItest are faster then the Egit core test. No way.
The UI tests take almost two minutes at best. Currently they also perform a
clone from an external site, which mean they cannot run in the four seconds
maven tells us.

2) There is no test statistics in the build report.

They are not running since I changed the maven call to just run mvn clean package
since the UI tests were *always* failing. This type of tests is run in the verify phase, I believe.

I proposed,735 to run the UI test against a daemon running locally 
instead of the old egit site hoping this would both speedup the test runs and fix the problem
we always faced with these tests on Hudson, but so far I didn't find enough
time to test this in maven environment. From the IDE (helios) they work. I'll take this
up when my work for the doc plugin is done. 

Maybe somebody else finds time to try this as well, would be good to know since in the past 
we had different experience with these tests on different platforms.


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