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[egit-dev] Icon and menu cleanup for 0.8.0

I have put up this change for review...

I want to push this for 0.8.0... as I don't think we want to ship a
new release without some menu reorganization. I attached some
screenshots on how it looks like now...

I would like to get some feedback but it's organized by the most
common actions imho and to align a bit better with how HgEclipse
structures its menu entries (the reasoning is that I want people to be
able to move between the two clients without much problems... we want
DVCS to win in the end). Technically speaking... here's how the new
menu entries are organized by paths...

team.main/group1 = Commit/Push
team.main/group2 = Fetch/Pull
team.main/group3 = Refresh
team.main/group4 = Reset/Tag/Branch
team.main/group5 = Apply Patch
team.main/group8 = Ignore
team.main/group9 = Add/Track/Untrack
team.main/group10 = Disconnect

On a side note, I opened a bug for us to move to using the new
platform menu story... that will wait for 0.9.0 though...


Chris Aniszczyk
+1 860 839 2465

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