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[egit-dev] gerrit configuration changes

At the request of the Eclipse Foundation, I recently made a couple
of configuration changes to our Gerrit Code Review instance:

* Terms of Use Agreement

  All users must agree to the Terms of Use document.

  For committers, this is accomplished by being in the magic
  committer group.

  For non-committers, you need to review the Terms of Use[1] and
  then tell Gerrit Code Review that you agree to its terms.

  To agree, visit [2].

* Email Verification

  Email addresses of non-committers must be verified.  I manually
  wiped email addresses of non-committers who I have not personally
  corresponded with, to force the user to verify their address
  through the Gerrit web interface.

  To verify, visit [3].

* Page Footers

  We now sport the standard website footer, with its
  legal related links and messages.



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