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Re: [egit-dev] Tycho Build for EGit

Hi Igor,

Igor Fedorenko <ifedorenko@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:


> Egit unit tests use ConnectProviderOperation, which expects to find
> single git repository, but finds two. Following maven convention, Tycho
> keeps all project build state, including test workspace, under
> project/target folder. This results in the following directory structure
> on filesystem. So ConnectProviderOperation sees both test git repo and
> actual egit repo and fails.


> I am planning to refactor ConnectProviderOperation to accept specific
> git repository location, but would like to hear what people more
> familiar with egit think about this.

Ok, you are the next one who caught this issue, I hope it'll be finally
resolved ;-)

Due to this issue is still open however
the is available as a part of since the midst
of October. Please take a look around 94 line at,sidebyside,84,3,org.eclipse.egit.core/src/org/eclipse/egit/core/op/


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