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Re: [egit-dev] Tycho Build for EGit

Hi Jason,

Jason van Zyl <jason@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I have chatted with Shawn on/off over the last while about the Maven build, and Chris has expressed an interested in a more complete Maven  build so
> I wanted to offer end-to-end support for the EGit build where  Sonatype can help with Maven and Tycho[1]. We already have a Tycho  build for the
> whole system and it's a bit out of date now but it would  take us less then half a day to update it if there was interest. Tycho  can handle all the
> bundles, features, update sites, and whatever else.  We can also make changes extremely quickly if we encounter problems.  The turn around on fixes
> in Maven up through Tycho is less then a day  turn around time.

What does 'the whole system' mean? It's about building EGit and JGit
using Tycho for Sonatype, right?

> Let us know if you're interested, we'd love to get a Tycho build going. We are using Git internally now at Sonatype and are looking to  help improve
> the developer experience through Git so we have a vested  interest here.

Just my +1, this will be great!



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