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[egit-dev] Re: [egit] Git repository with multiple eclipse projects ?

onsdag 25 november 2009 17:47:34 skrev  Yann Dirson:
> I am investigating whether it is possible at all to have several
> eclipse projects in a single git repo, and have those projects
> correctly seen as managed by git.
> When importing a git repo into eclipse, we get a list of projects to
> import, but that list is empty.  What is expected by egit to get this
> list filled ?

Both Egit and Jgit themselves have multiple projects in the same repo. 
All projects must be located in the same directory structure.


Other variations are possible.

> It also does not look like it would be possible to use the "share"
> functionnality to setup such a repository from multiple projects (or
> from a project set), right ?

Share only tells Eclipse to attach EGit as the team provider, provided
it is located in a git repo, or lets you create a repo if none exists.

-- robin

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