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[egit-dev] sucky TCP connections to foundation servers

The egit vserver was not in our QoS rules, so it was fighting against downloads for bandwidth.  I put it in the QoS, so you should see a drastic improvement.

You theoretically shouldn't see problems from www and bugs; if you do, can you note the date and time and your originating IP and let me know at webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx so I can investigate?


Is it just me, or do foundation servers sometimes just never
establish a TCP connection?  About half of the connections I try
to make to just never open.  This is true for

- Gerrit SSHD on 29418
- git-daemon on 9418
- Apache on 80
- system OpenSSH on 22

I even see problems with and not
responding sometimes.  But is way more pronounced.



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