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[egit-dev] Getting a better understanding of ReflogConfigTest.testlogAllRefUpdates()


I'm a GitSharp project committer and porting this test to .net raised
some questions that I'd like to share with you.

1. commitTime and tz are fixed and used to fill PersonIdent instances.
However, RefLogWriter ends up with relying on a mocked SystemReader to
retrieve a fake current dateTime.
2. When being run on Windows through Eclipse this test generates a log
file (cf. attachment) where TimeZones are weirdly formatted.

Are both those behaviors expected ?

Any help you could provide us with would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

803aec4aba175e8ab1d666873c984c0308179099 6a2d9b1f7f4bba043ec7f4c52f04f8ab57829e3d GIT_COMMITTER_NAME <GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL> 1250379778 -21000000	commit : A Commit
6a2d9b1f7f4bba043ec7f4c52f04f8ab57829e3d bd701ad4d0c259e5a5f728b0f601d6d5b02ffb5d GIT_COMMITTER_NAME <GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL> 1250379778 -21000000	commit : A Commit

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