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[egit-dev] Compare with Revision functionality


I tried to implement the "Compare with Revision" feature that seems to be related to . I got the action hooked up in the "compare with"-context menu of workspace resources just above "compare with git index". The history of the file is shown nicely in the HistoryView and on double click the compare editor opens. However, I did not manage to get the content of the selected commit as the right side of the editor. The left side displays the workspace revision correctly.

My question is: I have a RevCommit (the entry selected in the history view) and want to obtain the corresponding revision of the file. I tried using
final String gitPath = mapping.getRepoRelativePath(resource);
final IFileRevision nextFile = GitFileRevision.inCommit(

to no avail. I guess I am missing some concept regarding git/jgit here.

Thanks for your help
regards Mihael

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