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Re: [egit-dev] Getting Gerrit to send the mail on my behalf

Mykola Nikishov <mn@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm interested in how to get Gerrit to send e-mail on my behalf at least
> when submitting an initial patchset. If I'm not mistaken this refers to
> 'Create Changes' [2] and may be achieved using
>  --receive-pack='git receive-pack --cc=egit-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx'
> with 'git push' command.

> So there are two questions:
> - I don't think that using '--cc=egit-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx' in git config by
>   default all the time is a good idea.

Probably not.  :-)

> Is it possible to configure
>   sending the mail automagically in git config for initial changeset
>   only but not for its successive updates?

No.  Currently this isn't supported in Gerrit.  It would be a fairly
trivial code change, and actually if we wanted that to be policy we
could just configure Gerrit to always send the initial changeset
emails to egit-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx.  Gerrit has per-user settings,
we could configure the "mailing list user" to receive only initial
changeset emails for both egit and jgit projects.

> - Should this be explained in more details in [1]? For those who are not
>   a git expert like me an original statement looks a little cryptic.

s/git expert/git or Gerrit expert/ since some of this is Gerrit
specific.  But yes, I'm certain we could explain this a bit better
in the wiki.

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