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[egit-dev] Using Gerrit to see diffs between changesets

I spent a while reviewing (and coming up with comments for) this changeset:,41

However, whilst I was doing that, another one appeared. Is there any way to see what (a) files I've seen already, and (b) diffs since the last time I saw the changes? It seems that the subsequent changeset just shows diffs-against-master, which of course, for new files, is a restatement of everything. I'm just wondering if there's a way of tracking what's changed since the last one as well as the diff against master, and/or be able to see my comments against the previous changeset in an easy way so I know what to re-review.

Also, I've seen a few red blobs shown in Gerrit - what are they, and should I be commenting on them? I'm guessing that they might be some kind of trailing space.

Lastly, it would be good to know whether these level of reviews are useful, or if the observational comments are really that interesting. For some of them (externalising constants into a separate class, exception-based representation of status codes etc.) I think these could easily be applied after the branch has been committed to master (and then subsequent changesets show them from there) which would at least make my life at reviewing them slightly easier ...


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