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Re: [egit-dev] Confusion over IP Review flag in Gerrit

torsdag 08 oktober 2009 16:06:52 skrev  Shawn O. Pearce:
> Robin appeared a bit confused over the IP Review flag, so I added
> a section to our Contributor Guide describing the categories:

It's the term "review" that confused me. To me it it implies some /else/
does it.

Could we have hyper link from Gerrit to the Contributor Guide, labeled "What 
is this?".

-- robin

> ----8<----
> To approve a change:
> * Click on Publish Comments
> * Vote with the radio buttons
> Code Review: The code review category indicates your opinion on
> the quality of the code, and how well it fits within the purpose
> of the existing surrounding code. A +2 vote from any committer is
> required before submission can occur. A -2 vote from any committer
> will block submission.
> IP Review: The IP review category indicates whether or not the change
> has been properly logged under the eclipse IP process. Under that
> process, any committer should mark his/her change +1 if they were
> the sole author of the change. For any other change, a committer
> should only mark +1 after ensuring the corresponding bug in Bugzilla
> has been updated with the iplog flag, or the corresponding CQ has
> been marked checkintocvs. A +1 vote is required to submit a change,
> while a -1 vote will block submission.

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