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Re: [egit-dev] May I loose drafted comments which I push a new patchset

"Halstrick, Christian" <christian.halstrick@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> I was commenting on,37 in files
> of patchset #2. The comments where typed in and also saved (but
> not published). Then I pushed a new patchset for this change. In
> my browser I hit refresh to see the patchset - and it appeared.
> But my comments I typed so far are now lost. Bug or feature?


If you expand patch set 2 of change 37 you will see there is one
draft on the file.  You can still Publish Comments for that patch
set, but there is no way to transfer the draft comments to the new
patch set.

Its a feature that the draft stays with the commit it was written
against, because maybe the draft is pointing out an error that was
fixed in the new version and the draft no longer applies.

Its a bug that the draft sort of disappears like this and is now
harder to find.  We want to redo the way patch sets are displayed on
the top level to make drafts easier to discover, among other things.


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