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Re: [egit-dev] upload to gerrit over HTTP

Alex Blewitt <alex.blewitt@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 6 Oct 2009, at 17:08, "Shawn O. Pearce" <spearce@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Well then, I now know what my project for today will be.  Picking up
>> smart HTTP by trying to get the push side implemented.
> I've already got some code for the back end stuff; I'll tidy it up and  
> submit it. We should have a separate feature for the JGit web/git server 
> though - perhaps we can have a feature "JGit Extras" which EGit has no 
> dependency on?

Right, the HTTP server stuff should go into its own plugin/bundle
and maybe its own feature.  EGit doesn't need to depend upon it,
but someone might want to depend on it and build a WAR which enables
HTTP server side support.

> Also, what's the thought on using some of Jetty's async servlet stuff in 
> jgit (client &server).

I'm not sure what that gets us.  IndexPack isn't capable of running
in an async way, and that's the core of the server side receive
for incoming pack data.

> I think that could be very useful and I believe 
> that Jetty is EDL too ...

Jetty is Apache License 2.0/EPL dual licensed.  Not EDL.


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