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Re: [egit-dev] upload to gerrit over HTTP

On 6 Oct 2009, at 17:02, "Lay, Stefan" <stefan.lay@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Currently the only way to upload a patch into Gerrit is by SSH on
port 29418... which some firewalls may block.  Is this an issue
for anyone right now?

Yes, that is generally an issue for me too; one of the key benefits of git/svn over CVS is to enable an HTTP wrapped connection. Quite a lot of corporations don't have direct IP connectivity (eg on a private 10.x subnet) and so must go through proxies to get to the outside world.

We could pioneer the smart push
over HTTP protocol in JGit and at least deploy a prototype of it
on if being able to push over HTTP would make the
site more accessible to contributors.

+1 I would appreciate this.

There is a bug in bugzilla that I filed about this, and asked for it to be assigned to me - I'm working on a way of doing smarter HTTP cloning of a Git repository. It should be possible, when that's done, to have it be used for Gerrit as well.

I currently have a servlet that's capable of generating the refs/ (thereby avoiding the need to run update-server-info) and am starting to work on the smart HTTP stuff. Once we've got some code on the server side we can demo a JGit push that goes over HTTP, and in the first instance, make Eclipse checkouts for HTTP faster. It would also be great to understand how we could use an Eclipse Submit to -> Gerrit from within Eclipse :-)


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