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[egit-dev] JUnit test cleanups

I just posted a series of cleanup patches for JGit:

  I057c782c  Delete obsolete JarLinkUtil
  I2bbae6d9  Correct encoding annotations for jgit-test-core files
  Iae09167d  Fix settings files for jgit-test-ext project
  I282ee1c6  Remove useless test005_todopack test
  I5700ca48  Move setupReflog test function to only test that cares
  Idff096ce  Create JUnit test utilities for JGit derived sources
  Ic9be0280  Move T0007_Index to jgit-test-ext
  I07014d1b  Refactor RepositoryTestCase to use LocalDiskRepository
  Id8a76ee7  Only import the sample data packs on tests that need them
  Ic243544a  Standardize the source code formatter for Eclipse

The series depends upon I9e21cfd5 Mavenize JGit build, which is
stuck waiting on the CQ process to clear the contribution from Mark.


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