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[ee4j-pmc] Project Lead election for Piotr Żygieło on Eclipse OpenMQ

A project lead election for Piotr Żygieło on project Eclipse OpenMQ
(ee4j.openmq) was started by Ed Bratt with this criteria:

Anyone watching this project will have noticed how active Piotr Żygieło has
become, devoting time and energy to Eclipse Open Message Queue. I am very
pleased to recommend him for the role of Project Lead. When I first discussed
this with him, he was reluctant as he had not completed a full release cycle
-- but we have since completed the Open MQ 6.0 release and we're in the midst
of completing Open MQ 6.1. Piotr has been, far and away the most prolific
committer to this project and he now has demonstrated solid, well rounded
perspective on all aspects of producing project releases.
It is my pleasure to nominate Piotr for project lead and I would encourage
all Open MQ current committers to consider casting a +1 vote in support of
electing Piotr to Open MQ Project Lead!
-- Ed Bratt

PS -- if you have any need to confirm what I have written -- just have a look
at the recent list of commit on the master branch to the OpenMQ project

Eclipse OpenMQ project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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