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Re: [ee4j-pmc] Design Contest: Replacement for Duke Mascot

Maybe there is a misunderstanding. A mascot is not a logo. It is much more
abstract design concept. For example, if we vote for "The mascot is the
animal: 'turtle'" then ANY incarnation of a "turtle" (a living turtle, a pen
draft, a 2D logo, a 3D logo, a lego-build turtle, a turle-shaped fancy
dress, a plush toy, etc.) would be all possible representations of our
mascot (fully intended, btw). Hence, there cannot be anything like
"trademark registration" nor "design rules" as both are IMHO only applicable
to specific *representations* but not *abstract design concepts*.

Besides that, the Duke was never officially said to be the mascot of Java
EE. So it is not 100% clear that it is up to the EF to decide about a
replacement for the Duke. We (the community at large) could decide for a
mascot even without asking the EF. Certainly this is not what I want, but I
just wanted to make clear the facts.


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On 2018-05-10 6:37 AM, Dmitry Kornilov wrote:
> I like the idea of creating a mascot for Jakarta EE. It can be 
> whatever (fish, lion, tiger, worm, etc.). Is anyone would like to take 
> an initiative and do it? We may also engage the community the similar 
> way as it was with Jakarta EE logo.

As I said here[1], it is our (the EF) preference that we do this, but wait a
little while before doing so....unless you all really feel that it's urgent.
Picking the mascot logo would require a similar process to selecting the
Jakarta EE submissions, trademark reviews, voting,
trademark registrations, etc. It's real work, and we would prefer to push
that out a couple of months.


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