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[ee4j-pmc] Committer Election for Christian Kaltepoth on Eclipse Project for JAX-RS has started

A committer election for Christian Kaltepoth on project Eclipse Project for
JAX-RS (ee4j.jaxrs) was started by Markus Karg with this criteria:

The nominee is co-project-lead and one of the most active committers of MVC
API. As MVC API directly builds ontop of JAX-RS API, the nominee influences
the future of the JAX-RS API frequently and sustainable. His input to JAX-RS
in the past months and years was very valuable, and I think that the ongoing
work Christian's contributions display have the right attitude and quality
the JAX-RS API needs to develop in the right direction. I abstain from
posting links to his recent work or his discussion activity, as there was no
explicitly expressed doubt so far in previous discussions, online and
offline, about his nomination that the current JAX-RS committers, the JAX-RS
spec lead, and the EE4J PMC, actively supports his nomination and would even
have wanted him to be in the list of INITIAL committers at project creation.
Besides that, he is already listed in official Eclipse contribution statistic
and is improving our repository structure right now. Hence, he is one of our
most active contributors in fact, superior to most of our actual committers.

Eclipse Project for JAX-RS project committers can click the election link
below to vote.



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