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Re: [ee4j-pmc] EE4J projects with dependencies on other EE4J projects...

Kevin Sutter wrote on 02/26/18 12:50 PM:
You are correct.  We're in unique state right now...  Until we have a version of Eclipse EE4J and Glassfish that is Java EE 8 compliant, we will have these external dependencies.  For example, all of the Java EE 8 APIs are officially housed in maven central.  So, if an Eclipse project has a dependency on JAX-RS 2.1, then the maven central version of the API should be used.  imho.
We can and do update the "API jar files" in ways that are still compatible with the corresponding specification.  In your example, the Eclipse Project for JAX-RS could push out a new API jar file with version 2.1.1.  The Eclipse Jersey project could be updated to depend on that version of the API jar file.

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