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[ee4j-pmc] [CQ 15536] build-only dependencies for Grizzly

--- Comment #8 from Wayne Beaton <wayne.beaton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  2018-02-20 11:15:55 ---
I'm pretty sure that all of these are actually prerequisites.

(In reply to comment #6)
> The wordpress link provided didn't work for me. I think it is same as this

I think the link that I provided is my "insider" link. I'll be more careful
next time.

> Please let me know the procedure to remove these entries from the initial CQ. 

In the general case, we would include that list as a comment.

> I will file separate CQs for them.


> I need some more help here for classifying the "provided" type maven
> dependencies for Grizzly. For eg. OSGi Dependencies are provided at runtime by
> OSGi containers and are used only for compiling the Grizzly OSGi modules. 

I'm pretty sure that what you're saying is that Grizzly needs an OSGi
container. The OSGi container is absolutely a prerequisite. We might be able to
argue that it's an exempt prerequisite, but since we've already approved OSGi
4.2, it's easy enough to just make piggyback CQs (CQ 3865 and CQ 3866).

> Any
> specific implementation of the OSGi container would provide these runtime
> dependencies and these are required to provide full functionality of the
> product. Can we treat this like a database example provided in the above
> wordpress link. In that case is it right to classify these dependency as "Works
> With".

In this case, I believe that *an* OSGi container is required, so we need to
have at least one approved as a prerequisite to have others could be
categorized as "works with".

> But for jaxws-rt.jar since it depends on a specific JAX-WS implementation -
> Metro, Should it then be classified as "Pre Requisite" dependency ?

Is the jaxws-rt content the same as comes from the Eclipse Project for JAX RS?

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