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Re: [ee4j-pmc] Short names and URLs

Wayne, a hierarchical structure might be more work for Eclipse but every time we discuss this we seem to end up trying to work around the flat structure. I don't want to slow us down by reopening this but I would not be surprised if a year along we found ourselves needing to do that. There's a level of collective scale here that a project hierarchy may have a benefit that eclipse has not observed before

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Bill Shannon --- Re: [ee4j-pmc] Short names and URLs ---

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Date:Wed, 13 Dec 2017 22:53
Subject:Re: [ee4j-pmc] Short names and URLs

If the web sites for all the EE4J projects were under, that would at least make the naming consistent.  Ditto  Is there some reason not to do that?

Wayne Beaton wrote on 12/13/17 02:33 PM:
The project space is absolutely a hierarchy. e.g. look at the "Related Links" on the right of

I tend to argue against making a hierarchy any deeper than <root>/<tlp>/<project> because making it deeper adds work that doesn't add value.

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