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[ee4j-pmc] Naming the specifications

Greetings EE4J PMC Members!

We need a new brand name for the set of specifications that implemented by open source projects that fall under the Eclipse EE4J top level project. Much like the OpenJDK project implements the Java SE Platform specification, the EE4J projects will provide implementations of a set of specifications that we today call Java EE: we (the EE4J community) need a brand name for this set of specifications. This brand name will also act the certification mark that can be used by implementations which are compatible with those specifications. 

With this in mind, we (the Eclipse Foundation) need the EE4J PMC to manage the process that we will initiate. We will be posting more details to describe the process and constraints shortly.

At a high level, the process will be as follows:
  1. Members of the community will be invited to enter their nominations (we'll open a channel for this soon);
  2. At the end of the nomination period, the names suggested by the community will be reviewed by the PMC, who will identify those names which meet the specified criteria; 
  3. That subset of names will put to a community vote using the CIVS system (this will provide a ranked set of choices); and
  4. The results of the vote will be delivered to the Executive Director of the Eclipse Management Organization who will engage in the required legal and trademark searches to ensure that the names are available for use;
Note that the name that is selected by this process must pass legal and other trademark searches to ensure that the names are available for use. As a result, it is possible that the favoured selection will not be the ultimate choice. The final decision will be made by the EMO Executive Director (“EMO(ED)”) in consultation with the PMC.

Please voice your concerns.



Wayne Beaton
Director of Open Source Projects
The Eclipse Foundation

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