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[ee4j-community] Renaming the EE4J-community mailing list as


We are renaming the ee4j-community@xxxxxxxxxxx mailing list (i.e., the list this is posted to) to  

This is scheduled to be done on Thursday, April 12.  The specific steps being taken are described below.

The reason for this change is to continue to establish the Jakarta EE brand, and to establish the as the primary mailing list for all things Jakarta EE.  

There is no action required by anyone, and this email is for informational purposes only. That is, we are assuming everyone currently subscribed to ee4j-community@xxxxxxxxxxx will wish to be subscribed to the new list.  Thus, we will do this automatically on Thursday once the new list is established.  Please note - once this change is finalized, you will no longer be able to post to ee4j-community@xxxxxxxxxxx.  

Should you wish to not be automatically transferred to this mailing list, feel free to unsubscribe from the new list, or any of the Foundation’s mailing lists.  Please follow the instructions on the emails for more details.

Finally, as an FYI, we will also be establishing additional Jakarta EE working group mailing lists (recall the main already exists) to enable people to stay close to issues such as specifications, marketing activities, etc.  This update be sent separately, once the list is established. M
ore details regarding all the Eclipse public mailing lists may be found here [1].

Specific Steps Being Taken

The specific steps being taken regarding creation of mailing list are:
- create a new mailing list called  This will be the main mailing list for all members of the working group, and the place to share general information regarding Jakarta EE.
- register automatically all subscribers of ee4j-community@xxxxxxxxxxx for the new mailing list.
- archive ee4j-community@xxxxxxxxxxx such that all traffic already there is preserved.
- “switch off” ee4j-community@xxxxxxxxxxx, and instead inform people submitting to it to resubmit to instead.  

You will see a “final” email to the ee4j-community@xxxxxxxxxxx to record this change in the archive.  

From April 12 onward, please follow and submit to

Please let us know if you have questions.


Paul White
+1.613.852.4303 (mobile)

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