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Re: [ee4j-community] EE4J code conventions?

arjan tijms wrote on 04/ 9/18 02:39 PM:
Hi Bill,

I agree fully that it's impossible to find any kind of convention where all people agree on all the details. But that too wasn't really the intention. Instead the idea is that an already widely used style is proposed and committers from all projects could have some say in it. Eventually it could be put to a vote, and if a sufficient majority agrees with it, we adopt that as the official guidelines.
You would just be painting a bike shed that doesn't need new paint.

As Rudy says, have that as the guide line / recommended style.

If you want to recommend some guidelines that aren't enforced, then start with what already exists.  If you don't like the existing guidelines, then you understand why this is a hard problem.  The OpenJDK community already went through this and the closest they got was this draft.  Use that.

That's essentially Sun/Eclipse again with even some rules based on the Uncle Tom/Clean code guidelines it seems. I'd be perfectly fine with it. Of course not every letter in it is to my personal liking, but that's of course not what matters and I would certainly support that one indeed.
Great, so save some time and just use that.  You now have your recommended style.  Problem solved.

And if some projects don't follow it exactly, that's fine.  The value is in getting close, not in strict adherence to the rules.

An individual project might want to enforce stricter rules or have different conventions.

I'm still not entirely sure why an Oracle transferred project would desperately and "suddenly" want a different convention.
Because it already has a different convention.  I'm not suggesting that the project would change its existing convention to something different than the recommendation, but rather that it would keep using something different than the recommendation.

To me the actual content of the convention would matter somewhat less than actually having a convention to adhere too.
Understood, but you're not going to get all projects to adhere to it.

You have a recommendation that will be useful to projects that understand the value of following it.  That's about the best you're going to get.

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