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Re: [ee4j-community] EE4J code conventions?

Werner Keil wrote on 04/ 9/18 01:59 PM:
> Bill,
> I guess if this draft was created in OpenJDK it may be used and needs no
> clearance by Oracle Legal, etc. correct?
This was widely circulated in the OpenJDK community a few years ago, but you
would need to contact the author to find out the legal status of the document.

> Given that what so far exists in Eclipse Wiki is not much more than the
> Copyright notice paragraph in a slightly different way. 
> Sharing something like it in a wiki sounds good. 
> How many projects under the Java EE umbrella with Oracle being Spec Leads do
> you remember doing what they want regardless of guidance by the Umbrella Spec
> Leads or Oracle/Sun Java architects?
All of them.

We recommended use of the then-current Java Style Guidelines, but we never
enforced it nor checked that projects were following it.  There's fairly good
"rough" agreement on the style, but lots of inconsistency in the details.

We spent a long time arguing about this just for GlassFish.  Some people were
determined to do what they wanted no matter what we said so within GlassFish
there's some parts that use a grossly different style.  I'm not happy about
that, but there's only so much time in a day you can spend fighting about this.

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