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[ee4j-community] ECF Unconference


Jakarta  EE may be still a bit too recent with the name only confirmed a few weeks ago, the logo not even decided on and various charters or WGs not yet writen in stone either, but since EclipseCon Unconferences have been there for the community and Working Groups for a few years now, are there any plans for the Jakarta EE WG at EclipseCon France Unconference?

The true Java EE/Jakarta EE content among accepted sessions in the "Microsrervice/Microprofile/EE4J/Java EE" track
Is extremely meager. Except JAX-RS not a single detail project, everything else is MicroProfile and 3 very high level management-pitch style talks. I held similar ones at JUG Meetings about Java EE 8 and the JUG members were not so happy I could not go into detail about individual features of Java EE 8, so judging from the abstracts none of these talks will be able to do that either.

I don't recall if Otavio proposed it for the (seemingly empty) Data Analytics track of ECF or also the EE4J umbrella, but our JNoSQL proposal is at least on standby. Having had good experience with those Unconference days both in Toulouse and Ludwigsburg I would not mind to participate in that only if we don't have the JNoSQL talk in the main conference. In fact being an Individual committer I rarely get a whole week time to spend there anyway instead of with clients and their work.



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