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[ee4j-community] issue migration

Now that we have a few of our projects migrated to the eclipse-ee4j
GitHub organization, we plan to start migrating the issues for these
projects.  We plan to migrate both open and closed issues, and will
preserve the issue numbers so that references to issues by number
will continue to be valid.

A few of the new projects already have issues filed for them.  To
preserve issue numbers we're going to need to delete and recreate
these repositories to remove all the issues.  This will require
these issues to be refiled after the old issues are migrated.
Hopefully this won't be a hardship.  We'll also be locking the
ability to file new issues until the migration is complete.

We'll preserve as much information as possible when migrating the
issues, but it might not be possible to (for example) make the
migrated issues appear to have been filed by the original submitters.

The original issues in the javaee GitHub organization will be closed
as a part of the migration.  A link to the migrated issue will be
added to the original issue.  Note that closing the original issues
will cause notifications to those associated with the issue.  We
won't be updating already closed issues, to prevent notifications
in those cases.  Still, there are thousands of open issues in some
of our projects and this will generate a large number of notifications.

Once we debug our tools and process with this first batch of projects,
we hope this will all go more smoothly for the remaining projects.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!