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Re: [ee4j-community] Feedback to Joint Community Open Letter on Java EE Naming and Packaging

That's an interesting and important distinction! Does that mean that, for instance, other companies who are *not* on the PMC could join this hypothetical working group and contribute in that way?


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On 2018-01-17 8:34 AM, Mike Croft wrote:

I would be interested to know more about the intentions of Oracle and others on the PMC to contribute *marketing* effort to EE4J. Have there been any discussions around this?

The MicroProfile recently went through a minor rebranding which involved the collaboration of a few vendors and then an open vote. It was led very ably by Cesar, though other vendors contributed.

My question is - who is planning to spearhead the marketing effort for the new EE4J brand, and is there a commitment  from all PMC members to contribute time to marketing?

I don't think a rebranding will necessarily hurt Java EE, but a poor effort may. The engineering effort will likely be stalled for many projects while legals are sorted, but the marketing effort is, in my opinion, even more important at this stage and should be given equal emphasis.


Just a point of clarification on that. At the Eclipse Foundation we don't think of PMCs as doing marketing. PMCs are focused on the needs of the projects.

We use working groups made up of member companies to complement the project activities. See Eclipse IoT as an example. We are working on a draft charter to this working group and we should have that available for public review next week.

In the end it is many of the same companies as represented on the PMC, so the distinction may be minor. I just wanted to make sure that was clear.

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